About Old County Road Elementary School


School Profile, 2018-19


One of four elementary schools in Smithfield, Old County Road School currently serves approximately 225 students in grades K-5. Built in 1957, this two story building originally served as the town’s Junior High School until the opening of Vincent J. Gallagher Middle School in 1976. At that time, the two smaller elementary schools, which served the East Smithfield neighborhood, were consolidated into Old County Road School. Although there have been no major structural changes to the building, gym lockers were renovated in 1996 to make additional space for a faculty room, an additional classroom, and a small group instruction space.


Old County Road School has 1 principal and 1 secretary. There are two classes at each grade level K-5. There are 5 special educators who work alongside classroom teachers meeting the individual needs of students along with 2 reading specialists, 1 math specialist, 1 school nurse teacher, 1 school psychologist and a speech/language pathologist. With at least one other elementary school in Smithfield, we share a social worker, an occupational therapist and 1 ELL teacher. With the exception of Physical Education, Special subject teachers - Art, Music, and Library, serve Old County and one other elementary school. Two custodians, 3 paraprofessionals and two cafeteria workers are also an integral part of our school community. Additionally, Old County Road School is supported by an active and dedicated Parent Teacher Organization, which provides our school with additional funding for various programs such as field trips, guest speakers and classroom materials.