Support for Online Classes & Activities for parents and students

Support for students that are participating in virtual classes (online using Google Meet or Google Classroom) can be obtained from the Technology staff at Smithfield Public Schools in the following manner:

Support will be available during regular school hours M-F, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

DO NOT EMAIL Technology staff directly - all staff see the emails to the above address and we can triage your issue best if you continue to contact us this way.

STUDENTS should email the above address with any hardware issues (malfunction, power supply and replacement issues). 


Your school librarian and front office have rights to update your Google passwords.  If you are on campus, visit either location for assistance.  If you are virtual, email the technosps@smithfield-ps.org address with your name, phone number and a good time to call back.  We cannot email password changes for security purposes and you may be asked some questions to verify identity.

Support for Online Classes & Activities for STAFF

STAFF should continue to use the WEB HELP DESK to put in requests for support on replacement of equipment or general hardware questions and support. 


USE the phone support for any password issue - we cannot issue passwords via email, so put your full name and your contact phone number and good time to call back in your password support requests. 

We cannot email password changes for security purposes and you may be asked some questions to verify identity.

Entering Google Classroom or Hangouts MEET remotely

All student devices should prepopulate the sign-in screen with "@spsstudents.org"

Students need only enter their "username"  (for example "jstudent29") and then their password.

K-5 students - parents will be sent the link to MEET or Classroom activities.  It must be cut and pasted into the Chrome browser for meetings

If your student has a Chromebook, the act of signing into the chromebook using the SPS account will enable all the Google-based services their teacher may be using (Classroom, Slides, Docs, Sheets and or Drive).

IN THE EVENT THAT YOUR COMPUTER cannot connect, every MEET has a phone call in number.  Use this in emergencies only so it allows you to participate via audio only.

Students are encouraged to use the distributed Chromebook for all classes and services online.  We cannot support multiple devices or browsers or personal equipment.  With that said, if you are faced with entering a Google Meet or Google Classroom from a PC or Mac, you MUST use the Chrome browser and SIGN IN at the top right.  Check to make sure no personal account is already signed in (someone's personal gmail) and sign in using your full SPS credentials (for Grades K-5, you will need to add @spsstudents.org to your username in this situation- this only applies to non-Chromebook login).  When asked to Link Data, confirm and then you will be able to access all Google-related services on that PC or Mac.  Again, we recommend always using the SPS  issued Chromebooks to avoid these steps.

useful resources for Online Classes

RI PBS Learning Media

Amazing Educational Resources - Free resources & subscriptions (review privacy policies & submit via App request form)

Online Class FAQs

Is Google Meet secure?

Yes, all video and audio content is automatically encrypted. Students can only join Meet invites from members of the Smithfield Public Schools domain (smithfield-ps.org or spsstudents.org).

What happens when I share a screen?

In Meet, you can share your screen to the rest of the participants by clicking ‘Share’ in the bottom right. Keep in mind, this will share your screen with all of the participants in the meeting. This does not allow for participants to access your computer in any way - it is simply streaming your view to them in a one-way communication. They cannot interact or manipulate your screen in any way.

What browser should I use?

We are asking all students and staff to use their issued Chromebook for these virtual class sessions.  We can offer the best experience and support in this Chrome-based environment.  

If I can't get online with a computer, can I still participate?

While you won't have the benefit of the visuals, every Meet session has a dial-in phone number that provides the audio of the meeting.  This call may incur long distance charges, so it is best used only when necessary and you should call from a line that has an extended or unlimited data/minutes plan.

Can I Meet on a mobile device?

Yes, by downloading the Google Meet app for iPhone or Android.  Regular data rates will apply.  We cannot guarantee the experience can meet the learning goals specified using a mobile device, so we continue to recommend that all staff and students use their issued Chromebook for academically essential Google Meet and Hangout events.

Further questions?  Contact us at technosps@smithfield-ps.org